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September 12-18 Pinterest Inspired Weekly Menus


Hello and Happy Monday to ya!  Welcome back to another addition of our Pinterest inspired weekly menus.  I was so praying for some cooler weather so I could make some soups.  Even though our mornings are starting off cooler we warm up after lunch time, making evenings a little toasty.  When it gets this warm, soups just don’t sound good, at least not to me.  However, after our weekend trip to Ohio filled with chicken, pizza and junk food, I couldn’t help but throw in a French Onion soup this week.  I love the fall/winter season in which soups can be enjoyed on a regular basis.  I know there are recipes out there for cold soups but for me? That’s not gonna happen.  I simply cannot wrap my mind around a cold soup.  It’s just down right unAmerican to me.

And chili? I love making a big pot of chili on Saturday mornings…now that screams football and America!!

I shall stop terrorizing myself and you with all this talk of soups and chili.  In due time, in due time!

So here’s our line up for this week.  I pulled several recipes from The Pioneer Woman.  Her recipes have never disappointed me.  For the most part, I would never find a new recipe and try it out on say some guests that we were having over for dinner. Except from her files..I can trust the Pioneer Woman to share recipes that are down right perfect and yes I have pulled up a recipe from her site and made for guests.

  1.  Firecracker Chicken
  2. Spicy Pasta Salad
  3. French Onion Soup
  4. Summer Stir-fry
  5. Chicken Tacos
  6. Cuban Sliders
  7. Go Out To Eat!!!

There ya go beautifuls!  Enjoy that French Onion soup and have wonderful week!

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