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DIY Orchid Centerpiece

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So what is a gal to do who loves live plants and flowers but has the biggest black thumb EVER???
You DIY it, that’s what she does! Now outside, I can grow just about anything, but on the inside? I kill it! I try my best, but for whatever reason, me and inside plants do not get along.
If I want to enjoy beautiful plants or floral arrangements in our home, I have to go the DIY route.
The cost of a live orchid is well…a bit hefty in my book, especially for something thats going to end up dead within a few weeks..maybe even days. But I love those flowers so much. So to help myself out, I decided to take the easy way and purchase some artificial ones.
I knew I had seen the artificial ones at Ross on one of my many excursions there, so one day 2 weeks ago, I set out on a mission to round up some orchids. As soon as I walked through the front door of Ross, I spotted those little jokers on an end cap all the way in the back. I have stellar far away vision, especially when it comes to a great bargain, its the up close stuff that gets me into trouble. 🙂
You would’ve thought the store was on fire, the way I grabbed a buggy and headed for the back! I couldn’t believe my eyeballs when I saw the price tag. Each pre made arrangement had been marked down to 8.99! Lawsy Mercy! I grabbed 2!!!

Discounted Orchids from Ross

Remember a few weeks back when I made out like a bandit at the Hobby Lobby 90% off aisle?? Well during that same shopping trip, I scored a beautiful vase type container. The lid had a chipped off piece, but I figured I could still make use of it without the lid.



Vase from Hobby Lobby

I had this mental image of putting orchids in that vase. I’m so glad that Ross and Hobby Lobby assisted me in my decorating!
But seriously, $22.97 for 1 container and 2 orchid arrangements.

So here’s how I did it….I removed the orchids from the little basket pots they came in and separated them. Then using some green floral foam that I already had, I filled the inside of the container. I simply stuck the orchid stems in the foam, added the greenery then finished it off with some green spanish moss.
I dare say that an arrangement like this at a florist shop would cost so much more. So I saved some money and have an arrangement that looks great and will last forever!

I hope I’ve inspired you to check out the clearance section at any store you shop at and never overlook a good deal.
Don’t be afraid to grab something that’s broken, chipped or cracked… can always give it a second chance.

Have a beautiful week and make something beautiful!

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