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Latest Project Up On The Hill: Concrete Statue

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If you’re familiar with the Military, watched an Army movie or are related to a service member then you understand the significance to this small but mighty piece of concrete.

It’s called the Battlefield Cross.  During the Korean war, it served as a memorial to provide closure for fallen soldier’s comrades.

Today, it still serves as a memorial honoring the fallen and a symbol of loss and mourning to those remaining.

The reason for this project at Life Up On The Hill, is to provide a gift to an employee relocating
that works for my husband.  Now I know that sounds extremely strange at this point since I just explained the symbolism of this statue.

My husband is the Chief of Casualty Notification for the Army.

His office is the place where all deaths and injuries of Army soldiers are first reported then prepared for notification to family members.

It is a very behind the scene type of job and the people that work for him are the most amazing, compassionate group of people I’ve ever seen.  It is a 24 hour operation, so civilians and soldiers alike work around the clock.

This gift is for an employee that is transferring to another position and since this line of work has been what they live and breathe, it is only fitting to share this gift with him.


I started with a plain concrete statue that I picked up from a local concrete business.


Next, I gave it two coats using this acid stain in Cafe Mocha and you can find it {here}

As you can see in the pic, the stain needs to be diluted; 1/2 stain, 1/2 water.


I used a cheap chip brush to apply the stain.


The more coats of stain applied the darker it gets.


Usually, when I use this stain on my concrete projects, I just apply 2-3 coats and set it in my garden.  Over time it darkens.

But for this project, I was looking for a deeper, richer look with the hope that it would be displayed inside.

I began to think of products that I had on hand to use to achieve the look I was looking for.


And this was it!!!  I just got this product in to try out, along with some chalk powder.

It’s called Daddy VAN’S Decorative Wax.  You can find it {here}.

This wax is amazing!!  It smells good and goes on so smoothly…both a plus for me!

Using a chip brush and a toothbrush, hubby, lil dude and I got to work!

I applied the initial coat of wax, then the fellas in my life came behind with toothbrushes and using a circular motion worked the product in.

Once the wax dried, I used a clean cloth and started buffing to polish.


Take a look at the finish project would ya?

I have to say this was a labor of love.  I felt emotional working on this.  I am the spouse of a retired soldier and mom to an active duty and reserve soldier.

My entire married life has been spent along side of my husband as he served and now supporting our son and son-in-law as they serve.  Hubby’s job working in notifications now is so humbling and such an honor.


 This may be one of my most favorite projects to date!!

I’d love to hear from you…drop a comment below and please share…because sharing is caring!

Have a blessed week!!

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